Upfluence vs Creket
6 reasons why creators should join Creket instead of Upfluence.
team Creket
May 11

Upfluence Software is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that allows brands to identify their influencers and launch campaigns in minutes. Both Upfluence and Creket are free for creators to join.

However, Upfluencer focuses more on the ability for brands to search and contact influencers, while Creket goes a lot further to help creators close sponsorship deals.

Here are 6 reasons why Creket is better than Upfluence to get you sponsored.

1. At Creket, there is EVERYTHING brands need to know about you on your profile and your branded content, which you can easily customized as much as you want.

Meanwhile, applying to Upfluencer is simple. Perhaps, TOO simple.

Registering as creators on Upfluence is very easy and free. Just download Upfluence Chrome plugin, open your social profile with a Chrome browser and then add yourself as a new creator.

When adding your profile, you can add basic information including name, email, phone number, address and gender. It’s simple, but how is this any different from your bio, or contact page on your website?

Upfluence doesn’t provide a space where you can speak to potential sponsors. You won’t have a chance to describe what kind of values you can provide, leaving too many questions for brands to wonder.

2. Creket helps you promote yourself aggressively. You can offer discounts and promo codes to make your deals more attractive. We also help you get a spotlight by featuring you in the discover page.

At Upfluence, all you can do is wait.

Upfluence lets you register yourself as influencer in a huge community of 3 million influential creators. Yes, registration takes less than a minute and the size of their database is rather impressive. But what’s next for you to do?

Wait for brands to find you among the other 3 million influencers.

With a huge amount of databases and little unique information about each influencer, it’s not easy for brands to find you.

“It’s a long process to come up with a clean list of relevant influencers, but that’s because the software will literally give you access to thousands of profiles that you will need to sort out.” — Antoine H, Upfluencer user & Business owner

3. At Creket, you name your value and get paid fairly on your terms.

On the other hand, Upfluence will suggest how much brands should pay you.

Everyone, including brands, can see a suggested price if you have a profile on Instagram and Youtube. The estimated price was calculated based on your audience and engagement data.

Although it’s convenient for brands to have a guideline, it can blindsight them from the real cost. Neglecting other important factors such as content quality or time spent into creating different types of content can be a huge mistake.

If you are curious about your price, you should see it by yourself. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any results right away. Upfluence says that processing your profile may take up to 7 days!

We tried it and it seems like if you don’t have enough followers, they won’t suggest you any price. Well, should you feel good about it? You can think it both ways…. 😁

4. Creket is designed to help you get 100% valid orders, not offers. So there is no time wasted.

At Upfluence, negotiation process can be time-consuming.

If you are lucky, brands will find you and you will be contacted through DM or email you provided.

You will be asked questions about your services, and then price negotiation will take place. It’s a long way to go before closing a deal.

While DM and emails are universal and versatile, they are not built to get you sponsored. Check out a better alternative to DM and emails that will help you get sponsored without wasting your precious time.

5. It’s 100% free for brands and agencies to sign up on Creket. It’s 100% free for brands to discover influencers. We only take a small referral fee when a transaction is made.

Where as, not every brand can afford to use Upfluence.

Upfluence is more of a traditional software, than a free marketplace. Although the price is not listed in their website, based on the customer reviews, brands and agencies can expect to pay $800 per month for a one year subscription to use Upfluence.

With its price tag, not many brands can afford to use Upfluence. In fact, many customers reported that the software is not worth their money.

“The software Upfluence provides does nothing you couldn’t do on your own or with just as good and MUCH cheaper software that does the same thing.” — User in Health, Wellness and Fitness, Upfluencer user & Business Owner

6. Creket works like a common eCommerce store. Discover, put in your bag and check out. It’s that simple. Nobody needs a demo to use Creket.

On the other hand, Upfluencer is not user-friendly.

Upfluencer has a steep learning curve, and it’s not easy to use.

“ After the initial sales guy sold us on the software and took us through a demo leading us to believe the software was going to be a huge benefit to our company, we signed a six month contract and paid a large sum of money. (Thousands)

About a month in we realized the software was not at all user friendly for us, it took way too much time, the influencers weren’t responsive, they needed to be contacted one at a time instead of the mass time saving campaigns we were told a lot.” — Stacey B, Upfluencer user & Business owner

If brands are not using Upfluencer software, then there is no point to be listed as creator in Upfluence.

Upfluence has a powerful plugin to analyze influencers and it has a good potential to help agencies run campaigns at scale. It is still doubtful whether Upfluencer can innovate faster to offer values that are worth the price tag.

However, one thing we can be sure of is that Upfluencer fails to take influencers into the equation. There is not much for influencers to do on Upfluence which makes Creket a far more superior option.

Creket offers opportunities for influencers to create their own branded content and name their price, and provide necessary support to help creators close brand deals in no time.

team Creket
Los Angeles
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