Tribe Influencer vs. Creket
6 reasons why Creket is more creator-friendly than Tribe Influencer.
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May 11

Both Tribe influencer and Creket offer a marketplace that connects brands with social media influencers globally, and creating an account on both platforms is free.

However, the major difference is that Tribe is sponsor focused, while Creket value creators and sponsors equally.

Here are 6 reasons why Creket is more creator-friendly than Tribe Influencer.

1. Anyone can create an account at Creket. No requirements.

To be eligible for Tribe Influencer, you need at least 3000 followers

“Minimum number of followers?!

This app only allows you to submit your ads if you have a MINIMUM of 3000 followers! What a joke! There are influencers who have less followers. It’s unfair to people who have less than 3000 followers and this rule needs to change.” -rreviewerb

Even though Tribe advocates for micro-influencers, they still have minimum follower count requirements.

2. Once you list your branded content on Creket, brands will come to you with orders. You’ll be in charge of choosing whether you want to work with the brand or not.

At Tribe Influencer, you have to approach brands.

After getting their account approved, Tribe influencers will start searching for brand campaigns that sound interesting to them, create content and submit to the brief.

Influencers then have to wait for the brands to select their content. It’s up for the brands to decide.

3. At Creket, you will always get paid for your work. You will create content only after your order is confirmed.

At Tribe Influencer, you are likely to create content without getting paid

On average, a campaign on Tribe gets 100- 200 content submissions from influencers, in their first week alone (source: Tribe CEO). While it’s good for brands to have many options to choose from, it’s not an ideal system for creators because they have a lower chance of being selected.

On Tribe, brands only pay for the content submissions they love, so it’s likely that you may often spend hours creating content with no guarantee of getting paid.

4. At Creket, brands will come to you with 100% valid orders. So you don’t need to waste your effort and time.

At Tribe Influencer, you may have to keep trying, without ever knowing the reason why you got rejected.

If you get rejected by brands, Tribe encourages you to keep sending submissions by either switching angles, changing lighting, studying the brief more and giving it another try.

However, brands, although encouraged, are not required to give you constructive feedback and there is no way you can make sure that your submission will be accepted.

5. At Creket, rating reflects feedback from your past sponsors. You won’t need to put additional effort to maintain your Creket profile.

To keep your rating high on Tribe Influencer, you have to submit high quality content, regularly.

The rating is shown on your Tribe profile and it helps brands decide whom to work with. Tribe advises that you submit regularly to briefs on Tribe and submit high quality content to keep your rating high.

It’s understandable that Tribes wants influencers to be active on their platform. But this could be a lot of unpaid work to do just to maintain your rating.

6. At Creket, sponsors are encouraged to offer product samples, branded content or even onsite experience, whenever is necessary.

At Tribe Influencer, brands won’t send you product samples.

Tribe discourages brands to send their product samples, and encourages influencers to purchase brands’ products as influencers will need a product to help them create better content for their campaign submissions.

However, given that influencers often don’t get paid for the content they submit, it could sound a bit unfair.

Some influencers even think it’s a scam to get you to buy stuff from their brands.

Although Tribe Influencer is a pretty well-rounded influencer marketplace for brands, it’s not an ideal place for influencers for many reasons mentioned above.

Creket, on the other hand, provides an inclusive environment and fair conditions for influencers to mutually benefit from brand sponsorship.

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