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Fabletics influencer marketing campaign with #KickButtLookCute

The front page of features the hashtag #MyFabletics, where fans and members are encouraged to upload and share their styled-out photos.

#MyFabletics has been used across Instagram 53,013 times, while the less brand-specific #KickButtLookCute has been tagged 4,491 on the platform.

Fabletics influencers feature themselves wearing the brand’s latest styles, while detailing aspects of the gear inside of the caption.

Many Fabletics influencers offer workout and/or lifestyle tips, with some using the space to open up about their own hopes and struggles. All Fabletics influencers are active on Instagram. Their sponsored posts featured high quality images that emphasized the influencer wearing a Fabletics outfit.

Meet Sarah Varnais taking the sponsor’s fashion for a Motox Spin

Fashion influencer, Sarah Vadnais, brings her personal style to 3,812 followers through her finely-curated Instagram feed. Vadnais’s May 23rd post stood out from many other Fabletics promotions, showcasing the nano-influencer on a motocross bike in a blooming wild-flower field.

Meet Frances Flores Showing off sponsored fashion style against a weathered city backdrop

Flores encourages her fans to “step up your game” and “evolve.”

Flores garnered 3,320 likes—the highest among sampled posts—with her May 15th photo. Her post also attracted 14 comments, resulting in an engagement rate of 17.43%.

Meet Madison Fichtl praising morning yoga as a remedy for jet lag

Lifestyle blogger, Madison Fichtl, offers fans a wide range of content through both her Instagram feed and blog. Showcasing stylish clothing and “must have” items, as well as giving lifestyle, travel, and shopping tips, Fichtl’s posts are eclectic, enchanting, and engaging.

In her July 17th post, Fichtl is pictured in Fabletics gear walking with dog, Charlie, as she shares tips for beating jet lag and extols the virtues of her Fabletics leggings.

With 25,300 followers, Fichtl was the most-followed influencer of those samples in the Fabletics influencer marketing campaign. Garnering 1,767 likes and 60 comments, Fichtl achieved an engagement rate of 7.38% with her July 17th post.

Fabletics influencers denoted the sponsored nature of their post with the hashtag #ad. Each Fabletics influencer posted approximately one sponsored ad per month, with some influencers posting more frequently.

Complimenting the influencers’ tastes and lifestyles in areas such as fashion, travel, and fitness, Fabletics influencer posts feel organic and authentic.

Long-form, personalized captions that speak candidly to an influencer’s audience can help drive higher engagement. Instead of focusing on one-off partnerships, Fabletics influencer marketing intent on investing in long-term relationships with their ambassadors.

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