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7 reasons why Creket is better than to get you sponsored.
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May 11 is a free and premium influencer marketing platform that helps influencers showcase themselves and connect with interested brands. can be compared to LinkedIn for influencers.

Both and Creket gather influencers’ social media accounts in one place, and there are no minimum follower count requirements to register.

However, is more of a networking platform, rather than a marketplace that helps you get sponsored.

Here are 7 reasons why Creket is better than to get you sponsored.

1. Creket is an inclusive marketplace. Youtube and Tiktok Influencers are welcome too.

At, you need to be an Instagram influencer. verifies your social identity with Instagram. So if you don’t have an Instagram account, you are out on the first round.

If you manage to get in, they will knock you off in the second round.’s influencer search engine prioritizes Instagram Followers and Instagram engagement rate, and there are no options for brands to selectively search for Youtube influencers.

2. At Creket, you can offer discounts and promo codes to make your deals more attractive. We also help you get a spotlight by featuring you in the discover page.

Complicated search interface makes it difficult for brands to find you on

There are two main methods to get sponsored in One is to wait for brands to find you. The other one is to apply for campaigns posted by brands.

If you decide to create an account and just wait, it may take longer than you think to get sponsored. basic search engine only takes category, location, and Instagram follower count into consideration, which are too simple to be useful. The advanced search engines are too complicated to be usable. It’s not easy for you to be found and recognized on

3. At Creket, you can list your branding content with detailed pricing. Sponsors will contact you knowing exactly how much it costs and what’s included. There is no need for negotiation.

At, you can choose to display your starting rate. But it won’t tell brands much about what you offer. lets you set up your starting rate and it will appear in your profile. Brands will see the rate in your profile and they can also filter ‘starting rate’ when searching for influencers.

Although it gives brands some rough ideas about your rate, it doesn’t give enough room for you to talk about your pricing.

Your potential sponsors will still need to contact and ask for the detailed pricing. Creket knows that laying out on the table can help save time from lengthy communication and negotiation, and we design the system accordingly.

4. Creket helps you get sponsored without the need of a media kit.

At, having or not having a media kit can both harm you

Potential sponsors can choose ‘Has a media kit’ filter in the search engine. So if you don’t have a medit kit, you risk not being found at all.

However, if you decide to display your media kit, it can do more harm than good. Check out why you should ditch your media kit.

5. At Creket, you don’t have to wait for a good campaign to appear. List your branded content and let brands come to you.

At, there are limited campaigns to choose from.

Let say you want to be actively searching for sponsorship. Instead of waiting for brands to find you, you will want to go search for campaigns.

In that case, prepare to be disappointed because there aren’t many campaigns to apply to. At the time we write this article (4/15/2020), there are 38 active campaigns, including 8 redundant posts; which left us with 30 unique campaigns.

Besides, most campaigns will require you to have at least a certain number of followers, which can be up to 8k or 10k.

6. Creket is a truly global marketplace. Global brands are looking for influencers from all over the globe to help them expand their market aboard.

At, most campaigns are only for US residents

In a rare occasion, a campaign from Canada, England, or Singapore will come by. But most campaigns on are mainly focused on the US region.

At the time we write this article, 8% of all campaigns target influencers outside the US, and 5% don’t have a criteria on location.

Even though you have a lot of followers from the US, if you aren’t located in the United States, you won’t be eligible to apply for the campaigns.

7. At Creket, you will get compensated fairly. Just name your price.

At, brands will often pay you with free products.

At the time we write this article, only 20% of the campaigns offer paid compensation. The rest offers only free products in exchange for your work. Brands may list campaigns without understanding how much time and effort it takes into creating such content. has a good intention of building a community of influencers and it is indeed a versatile networking platform for brands and influencers.

However, Creket designs a better marketplace and is more appropriate for influencers who aim to go beyond networking to get real sponsorship deals.

Sign up and get sponsored on Creket today.

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