Creket Creator Essentials
How does Creket work exactly for a creator?
Simply follow these 5 steps to get sponsored on Creket.
team Creket
May 11

Step 1 — List your branded content

List yours. It costs nothing to be on the market. Once your branded content sells, there are a small fee to help cover the cost of running of Creket business. You can learn more about the fee from here.

Step 2 — Wait for an order or get social.

Let your Creket listing speaks for itself. Creket eliminates hassle; you don’t need contracts, negotiation, payments, or terms set up. Simply complete your profile and we’ve got you covered.

📌A secret tip to get sponsored fast: Share your profile and grow your followers. Get picks to increase your chances to boost your listing at the top of Creket Explore.

Step 3 — 🔔You’ve got an order.

  • Creket notifies your new order.
  • You can choose to cancel in 24 hours if you think the brand and you aren’t a good match.

Step 4 — Order In Progress via Creket Message.

In case of disputes, keep your communications only on Creket.

Step 5 — Complete your work and get paid

Complete your work. Get paid.

If your bank’s currency is not USD, the amount may differ based on changes in the exchange rate.

You are just 5 simple steps away from building your sponsorship business empire. If you haven’t created a Creket account yet, now is the time.

team Creket
Los Angeles
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