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5 reasons why Youtube Creators should use Creket instead of Famebit
team Creket
May 11

Famebit is an influencer marketplace that helps connect popular Youtubers with brands for sponsorship opportunities. Both Famebit and Creket are self-served marketplace and it’s easy and FREE for both brand and creators to get started.

Also, both Famebit and Creket have a communication tool where brands and influencers could nearly organise communications according to the stage of collaboration.

While Famebit is a well known platform, and even got Google’s buyout in 2016, there is still a lot of room for improvement. And that’s where Creket comes in.

Here are 5 reasons why Youtube Creators should use Creket instead of Famebit

1. At Creket, all you need to do is to list your content once and orders will keep coming 24/7.

On the other hand, at Famebit, you need to constantly work on drafting proposals.

Once you create an account on Famebit, you can browse campaigns created by brands, and if you like it, just send the proposal.

It sounds simple, but there is a lot of work going into writing the proposal. You will need to customize each and every proposal you send, name your price, and calculate the expected delivery date.

From the brand side, they will be receiving tons of proposals. So expect that you may never receive any responses. And there is no way to know what the problem is..

“ ..I have about 32k subscribers and i have not gotten a single sponsorship on famebit, though i got ghosted once. and since they never tell you why you were rejected (or expired usually) i have no way of knowing if the problem is me or not. famebit makes the process really frustrating for their social influencers.” — Piper Sweeney

2. At Creket, we believe creators know best how to create the content that hits! We put you in charge of deciding what you content should be.

At Famebit, contents are brand-centered, not creator-centered.

Famebit lets brands create the campaign, and creators are not part of the process. So it’s only reasonable that the requested content is something the brand wants, and not necessarily something creators and their subscribers want.

“Agreed. I couldn’t find anything there that remotely correlated to my type of content, or products I would use myself. Not to mention, some of those brand posts are very specific in how they want the creator to make their branded post. One I saw for a liquor brand wanted a video that included “friends in a gathering setting enjoying the product”, like an actual cheesy commercial to post on your channel — TheOkayestTaylor1

You are the one with subscribers, not the brands. It’s a solid proof that you can create awesome content.

3. At Creket, you can create long-tailed hashtags— making it easier for Sponsors and Creators to find each other.

At Famebit, there are not many niche categories to choose from.

You will be lucky if you can find a campaign that matches your niche. Famebit currently has only 6 categories for you and brand to choose from.

  • Beauty & fashion
  • Healthy & fitness
  • Game & apps
  • Tech
  • Pets
  • Other

…There also aren’t many categories to choose from. Since my videos are kind of geek, I suppose they could be placed under gaming (but why apps?), although my main focus is filmmaking, and there’s no category for filmmaking/videography….”- Sevenblade

4. At Creket, you are well-represented regardless of number of your subscribers or where you are from. There is always a market for your niche.

At Famebit, there is little hope if you aren’t rich in subscribers or are outside the states

First, you will need at least 5K subscribers to join famebit. And even if you have approval to use Famebit, you’re not going to get any sponsorships without at least 50–100k subs.

“It’s great that you are thinking of ways to help creators. But this is still really only for big creators with at least 50k-100k subs. At some point you really need to start helping the smaller channels. All the help I get does not come via YouTube which is a shame. It’s almost like you don’t want to know until a creator has already made it.” — Toy Polloi

It’s generally true that smaller youtubers will find it more difficult to get sponsored than big youtubers. However, Famebit’s bidding system gives brands unrealistic expectations of the influencers they would like to work from. So they wouldn’t even bother considering smaller youtubers — even though they don’t have much budget.

“ I’ve always wondered if it’s because all these small brands think they’re going to get sponsorships/collabs from big youtubers with their $100 limit.” — Piper Sweeney

And if you are not located in the United States, there are just not many campaigns you can apply to.

“When I was active on youtube I did not have the subs and was outside the states could not apply to most things. why say 5000 and then brands want 100 000 subs?”- Jenna no Manga

5. At Creket, we value your creativity. So name your price and get paid for the amount you asked. No negotiation needed.

At Famebit, brands will negotiate for lower price

If you ever hear back from brands, don’t celebrate just yet. Brands will most likely negotiate and often ask for unreasonably cheap prices.

“I made money with famebit with my twitter account but didn’t make much money from it. The offers are around $150 for 30 posts which isn’t good at all.” — Famebit creator

Why? Because brands have no idea how much time and effort it takes creating the content, filming, and editing. Not to mention other costs such as editing software and storage space.

We know that it’s not easy to be a creator.

Famebit is no doubt the most well-known marketplace for Youtubers. However, the growth of the platform is rather slow and the feedback from Youtubers regarding Famebit hasn’t been great. We believe that Famebit’s brand-centric approach is accountable. That’s why we built Creket by putting the interest of Creators at its core.

Become Creket Creators today and get sponsored for your Youtube branded Content.

team Creket
Los Angeles
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