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8 Proven FOMO tools to get you sponsored instantly
Creket uses the power of Fear of missing out (FOMO) to help you promote more sales.
team Creket
May 11

When it comes to influencer marketplace, are you thinking of a dead marketplace where influencers make an account and never hear from it again?

Creket won’t let that happen. Once you have created an account on Creket and list your branded content, it’s our turn to help you sell.

How do we do that exactly?

We use the power of Fear of missing out (FOMO) to promote more sales.

Here are the 8 FOMO tools to help you get sponsored on Creket.🔥

1. How many people are viewing your branded content

Creket goes a step further to nudge sponsors to make a purchase FAST by creating a sense of scarcity and urgency.

If you see two women fighting over the same dress, wouldn’t that make you want it too? You might be wondering “it must be such a good deal!” It’s a simple trick to prompt sales. People are much more inclined towards buying something when others desire them too.

When sponsors look at your branded content on Creket, it shows exactly how many people are checking out the same content in real time.

Imagine a large crowd gathering in one pop-up store. It definitely gets your attention. Sponsors will be alerted that your content is popular. Since people don’t want to miss out on good deals, they will come to your profile and check out what the deal is.

2. How many have PICKED your content

This feature serves as a social proof that many people like your branded content. It gives sponsors an impression that your content is in demand and that they should definitely consider getting this content too.

3. How many have added your content into the bag

By doing so, Creket are telling sponsors that your content can be taken away anytime by other sponsors. Not only do we not like missing out, but we also hate the thought that others might get something great before we do. They will feel a sense of urgency to buy your sponsorship branded content right away.

4. Limited time discount

You can set a limited time to offer discounts to sponsors. When sponsors find a tempting deal and realize the price is lower than it used to be, they feel urged to make the purchase. They simply don’t want to miss the chance to get it cheaper.

Adding the countdown clock, sponsors are compelled to take the opportunity before it’s gone — speeding up the decision-making process.

5. Promo code builder

You can also create promo code with username and custom character combination and issue promotion code. During the slow season, use promo codes for discounts to make your branded content more attractive to sponsors.

By using promo code builder, you can target the right customers with personalized offers, or give a little push to new sponsors to make their first purchase. Use promo code with expiry dates to help you push sponsors straight to the check out button.

6. Bundle deal builder

Creket does not stop here. We are here to serve you building media sales machine. This is your change to be creative. Here are some examples of bundles.

Brands’ #1 barrier for sponsorship is the fact that they can’t really feel the value beforehand. To address this, you can implement “try basic before you buy package” initiatives. 

BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Multi-buys (Buy 3 and Get Everything 10% Off)

Or, you can build a sense of exclusivity for your higher sponsor tiers, or limit the number of sponsorship opportunities as well. 

Simple Photoshoot
Product Placement, Mentions, Endorsement, 
Set Sponsor Limit +Exclusive Content Pack

7. Star ratings & feedback

Not only star ratings, sponsors will be able to leave and view feedback on why they give such a rating. Feedback includes but not limited to the following qualities:

  • Communication
  • Timeliness
  • Content quality
  • Likelihood to recommend to others
  • Friendliness
  • Creativity
  • And whether you’ve worked as described

Sponsors won’t spend time reading your lengthy media kit. They move on very quickly. Creket feedback summarizes your best approved qualities and helps potential sponsors understand your value without doubt, in a short amount of time.

8. Reviews and number of reviews

More and more influencers are faking brand deals, making it harder for sponsors to evaluate influencers. With Creket, potential sponsors will be able to see a number of reviews from your previous sponsors. It’s a legit proof that you got sponsored by other brands- something you won’t get when your transactions are made privately through DM or emails. The more you get sponsored and accumulate reviews on Creket, the easier it is to convince people to sponsor you. Every deal you make outside Creket, you are missing out the chance to accelerate your growth.

It’s not only these 8 proven FOMO tools that we use, Creket designs the entire buying and selling experience, from notifications to ‘creators of the day’ featured articles, to help you sell more branded content!

Create a listing on Creket and get sponsored today.

team Creket
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