8 Benefits of influencer marketing Facebook or Google never tells
A list of pros and cons for platform ads and the better alternative. 8 benefits of influencer marketing with Creket.
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May 11

One of the most popular methods to help your business grow online presence and get more customers is Facebook or Google advertisement. While running platform advertisements via Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ad Manager is flexible and easy to start, there are several disadvantages. To help you make the right decision about where to spend your marketing dollars, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for platform ads and the better alternative – influencer marketing.

Platform-side advertisements on Facebook or Google


1. You can start with low budget

Running ads on a platform using their ad manager software is easy to start even if you have a small budget, since the cost is determined by clicks and impressions. Facebook and Instagram ads can be a more cost effective alternative to Google adwords. According to Ad Espresso, average cost per click (CPC) on social media advertising equals to 28¢, while Google ads costs around 1$~2$.

2. You can reach targeted audience

Social network or Google Adwords algorithms are getting more sophisticated, helping you target your audiences better. You can choose a niche segment who sees your ad. You can target interests, hobbies, personality types, homeowner status, and more.


1. You need good quality content to start with

To run an ads campaign, you will need to create an amazing content that will get people interested in your brand. Promoting low quality content can do more harm than good. You can choose to purchase a content license or create your own by hiring a photographer, model, or ads agency. Either way, it consumes a considerable amount of time and/or money.

2. Potentially low conversion rate

People rarely engage in ads. Remember that your goal is to boost your sales revenue, meaning you have to get people to buy. It’s still a long way from seeing your ads to checking out. You need to do more than simply posting ads.

3. It’s a short-sighted investment.

Once you spend on social media ads, the money is gone. Once you stop paying, your ads will no longer be seen. It’s a short term investment, with short-term results.

Instead of spending your marketing budget on platforms, why not spending on people instead?

That’s where influencer marketing comes in.

Use the power of social proof and word-of-mouth marketing to convince people to buy. Customers trust their peers, friends, and people they admire, not the companies selling the products.

Position your brand consumer’s side on Facebook, Instagram, and Google

Yes. We’re still on Facebook and Google platform.

However, the key is in our brand storytellers’ strategic position; we’re on the consumer side of the platform with influencers’ voices.

With Creket, you can leverage Facebook and Google’s amazing algorithms and ecosystem while your marketing budget goes to long-term investment and relationship building with influencers.

Here are 8 benefits of influencer marketing with Creket.

1. You get quality content

Influencers are known for their creative content. They definitely know how to win the attention of their audience. Let them do the hard work for you. Creators can showcase your product in the best possible way.

Quality content doesn’t only mean visually appealing, it also needs to be relatable.

Influencers can create more authentic content, by telling a story from their personal experience, thus more effective to convince people to buy.

On Creket, they will list their quality content and you will get exactly what you see.

Even better? Feel free to work with different types of Influencers — age, location, niche category, budget, or gender at the same time. This is a total new way of conducting A/B test for your product marketing, and you will get a bunch of new effective approaches for promoting your products.

2. Your content stays in influencer’s account

In creators point of view, sponsorship is valued experiences to be showcased in their feed. It is their prior work history and earned medals for partnerships. Therefore, you get a permanent placement on influencer’s feed.

Beside having the content posted on social media, every sponsorship deal made on Creket comes with content license, unless stated otherwise. That means you own the rights to the content created by creators, and can reuse them for other marketing purposes.

3. Completely free to access all creator database

It’s no doubt that the key to the success of influencer marketing is finding the right influencer. You can purchase influencer databases online or hire an agency. Both methods can be expensive and don’t guarantee the fit to your brands.

Why pay when you can get it for free? It’s free for Sponsors to search and shop influencers’ branded content on Creket.

Plus, navigating on Creket is hassle-free. Some influencer marketing platforms can be both expensive and hard to use. You will need to book a demo or onboarding meetings to learn how to use one. Considering these usability flaws, we design Creket so that it’s simple for anyone to use. With Creket, your right creators are just a few clicks away.

4. Niche finding with long tail hashtag

Using long tail keywords to find niche customers is a well-established and proven concept in SEO optimization. However, most influencer marketing platforms don’t leverage the power of long-tail hashtags. They still use 5~6 category tags to define influencers’ niche, which makes it impossible to find the right influencer.

With Creket, the possibility is unlimited. We let Creators and Sponsors find each other more effectively with long tail hashtags.

5. Cover widest budget from under $100 to $1,000 — your choice.

With Creket search, you can easily filter and find content that fits your budget. From nano influencer, micro influencer, to mega influencer, find the best match in your available budget.

6. You are investing in relationships

When you sponsor influencers, you also have a piece of their hearts. Influencers are your advocator, ambassador, and evangelist for your products. When doing influencer marketing, you aren’t only building relationships with influencer you sponsored, but also potential customers who engage with the sponsored post.

7. You get feedback about your product directly

You can get precious insights about your consumers and their needs in the form of users’ likes, shares, and comments. Sometimes, influencers may give you their own tips and insights for better future cooperation.

And this is extremely beneficial for a business. Instead of spending tons of time and money for getting the actual market feedback, you get it instantly with influencers. You will see what people really think about your product, its features, pros, and cons — and use these insights for marketing, sales, and product development.

8. Close deals at speed

In the world of business, time is money. Marketing needs to be done to generate sales and there is no time to waste. With Creket, you can save time, eliminating negotiation processes and exchanging briefs and proposals, and so on. You know exactly what you will get at what price. So you can simply place an order and start collaborating instantly.

Invest in long-term and spend your marketing budget right at Creket

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