3 things you should do to get your first sponsors
team Creket
Apr 26

Welcome awesome, creative, & beautiful creators!

You’re a super early bird creator at Creket.

To get you ahead of the game, work on these first.

  • List your Branded Content
  • Grow Followers
  • Get Picks
  • URL sharing

Why? Because obviously we can’t promote and advertise your empty profiles to our sponsors. Your listings & profile link are the key to great brands to find you.

1. Create your awesome profile

No further explanations required for this. Link your social media to showcase your influence.

2. List your content

Photos and videos are perhaps the most important part of the listing. Putting a sample of branded content means that you won’t need to provide several drafts or make revisions until the sponsors are pleased.

The concept, layout, and media type – everything will be cloned from your branded content. This will make your work easier.

Here are some more tips for you. 😉

3. Grow your followers and picks

This is a secret tip to get sponsored fast: share your profile and grow your followers. Get picks to increase your chances to boost your listing at the top of Creket Explore.

We know there are lots of features missing at this moment. You’re here early. Your patience will be paid off with some cash in your PayPal account.

Next updates for June 2020

  • You can add items to Bag
  • Meaning sponsors can make a purchase
  • You earn!

Stay tuned. 💙

team Creket
Los Angeles
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