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10 Reasons why you should shop at Creket now
Creket is the most innovative tool to manage influencer marketing campaigns.
team Creket
May 13

As a brand, your objectives in marketing are to grow brand awareness, get more customer acquisition/traction, and increase sales revenue. But market gets competitive more than ever, and your marketing budget is always in short to create sufficient hype.

We know what you want and your goals are, and Creket advises you to try different strategy.

It is time for you to try natural, authentic, and ingenious approach.

  • Instead of repeating product features on marketing copies, let creators tell a story about your product.
  • Instead of planning your budget around Cost per Click or Cost per Reach, partner with creators to build authentic relationships with niche audience.
  • Instead of working on your own internal forces, team up with creative people and get fresh opinions about your product.

Yes. We highly advise you to shop at Creators Market and create hype and fuel your growth.

1. It’s free to browse Creket creators.

Never pay for an influencer list or database again. Creket makes it simple and easy for you to get started. You can browse creators right away. No signup needed. Only pay when you want to make transactions.

2. Creket is a truly global marketplace.

Global brands can find influencers from all over the globe to help you expand your market aboard. Work beyond the border to grow your business at scale.

3. Creket search is straightforward.

Creket allows you to filter with your comfortable level of expenditure, your preferred location and niche categories. Search creators the way you would search information on Google. It’s simple. No demo session needed. No program or plugins installations required.

4. Creket works for niche categories.

Finding the right influencers for your brand can be challenging. We use long-tailed hashtags to help creators and sponsors find each other, so that you can meet relevant creators and better reach your targeted audience.

5. At Creket, what you see is what you get.

At Creket, what you see is what you get; creator’s creativity, concept, category, target audience, price, and niche hashtags are all there. So you can be sure that you will get satisfactory results. Creket eliminates unnecessary processes like exchanging proposals or content drafts. Get started right away and create branded content at speed.

6. Creket is the only marketplace that is transparent about content pricing.

Price is no doubt a significant factor to consider when choosing to work in an influencer. Still, existing influencer marketing platforms makes it difficult to find and compare influencer fees. At Creket, creators list their branded content along with the pricing. You know exactly what you will get at what price. There is no hidden cost.

7. Creket helps you choose influencers with social proofs.

An increasing number of influencers is faking sponsorship deals, making it more difficult for brands to screen fake influencers. At Creket you can see reviews and feedback from previous sponsors and the proof of the creator’s past work. Everything social proofs you need to know about the creators is all here.

8. Creket guarantees order confirmation within 24 hours.

Communicating back and forth can be time-consuming. Creket guarantees that you will get the confirmation of your order within 24 hours. So you can start working right away, or move on to find different creators.

9. Creket does tedious tasks for you.

Managing contracts and processing payment can be time-consuming and tedious. No contracts, terms, or payment arrangement with creators is necessary. Creket handles paperwork so that you can focus on doing important tasks.

10. Creket is mobile-friendly and easy for everyone to use.

Creket works like a common eCommerce store. Shop branded content anytime, anywhere. Creket is mobile-responsive, giving you instant access and real-time updates. With Creket, managing influencer marketing campaigns is easier than ever.

It’s free to sign up. Get started on Creket today.

team Creket
Los Angeles
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