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May 13

Are you a creator or an influencer?

Creket is the creators market where you can buy, sell and discover creators’ branded content.

Anyone can sign up as Creket creator, regardless of where they are located. There are no minimum requirements for followers, subscribers, or view count.

You got no risks at all. We don’t get a penny until you make money. Even more, limited offer awaits for early users like you.

1. Creket is an inclusive marketplace.

  • Anyone can create an account at Creket. No followers requirements.
  • Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok Influencers, All in one platform
  • Creket is a truly global marketplace. Global brands are looking for influencers from all over the globe to help them expand their market aboard.

2. Creket works for niche categories.

At Creket, you are well-represented regardless of the number of your subscribers or where you are from. There is always a market for your niche. We use long-tailed hashtags to help creators and sponsors find each other, no matter how niche you are.

3. Creket gives you creative freedom.

At Creket, we believe creators know best how to create the content that hits! We put you in charge of deciding what your content should be. List the content the way you work best and let brands choose among them.

4. Creket is the only marketplace that is transparent about content pricing.

At Creket, we value your creativity. Creket puts you in control of what much you would like to charge and you can be explicit about it. So name your price and get paid for the amount you asked. No price negotiation. No hassles.

5. Creket protects creators.

You won’t have to worry about not getting paid. Creket and Paypal protection offers you protection from fraud and scamming, and our Creator Protection program helps guard you from losing money to claims and chargebacks. There is no need for you to ask sponsors to sign a contract or pay upfront.

6. Creket profile is the new media kit.

Creket helps you get sponsored without the need of a media kit. At Creket, there is EVERYTHING brands need to know about you on your profile and your branded content. Your following, content, pricing, proof of your past collaborations, and rating & reviews will all be there in one place and always up to date.

7. Creket gives you powerful tools to help you sell.

Creket helps you promote yourself aggressively. You can offer discounts and promo codes to make your deals more attractive. We also help you get a spotlight by featuring you in the discover page.

8. Creket eliminates unnecessary process like sending proposals and negotiating prices.

At Creket, there is everything brands need to know, including the FAQs. If they want to work with you, they will purchase your branded content. It’s a 100% valid order, not just an offer. So you don’t need to waste your effort and time answering inquiries.

  • At Creket, once you list your content, there is no need to customize and send out proposals to brands.
  • At Creket, you will always get paid for your work. You will create content only after your order is confirmed.
  • At Creket, you list your branding content with detailed pricing. Sponsors will contact you knowing exactly how much it costs and what’s included. There is no need for negotiation.

9. Creket is mobile-friendly and easy for everyone to use.

Creket works like a common eCommerce store. It’s easy for both seller and buyer to use Creket anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.

10. Creket is the only marketplace that guarantees valid orders.

List your content once and Creket works for your sponsorship business 24/7. Brands from anywhere around the world can order your content, regardless of their timezone. We notify you with 100% valid orders, not offers. If you like the brand and decide to work with the brand, you can get started instantly. It’s just one click away.

Get collaboration deals 24/7 without face-to-face communication.
Create an account on Creket and list your branded content for FREE.

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